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Sun 25th Jun 2017
London Duathlon (Garmin) Training Plan
Posted by: Editor
Posted on: Monday 27th July 2009

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Are you competing in the Chelsea and Westminster Health Charity London Duathlon? The race takes place on Sunday 13th September 2009 in Richmond Park, and entries are still available via The London Duathlon is the largest duathlon event in the world, and you can find out more via our dedicated section.

If it's your first attempt at a duathlon, you may be looking for some guidance for your training - in which case, Duathlon247 columnist Tom Lowe can help you!

Tom has prepared an introductory 10-week plan (outlined below) aimed at an 'active beginner', to get you ready for the big day.

Many of you may already be following this plan, as it was sent out to all race entrants via Transition Magazine. If you missed it, click on the image below to download your own print-out PDF copy.

London Duathlon 09 10-week plan

Now with Garmin!

Thanks to our friends at Garmin (, you can even download the plan into your compatible device (Forerunner 305, 310XT or 405), and let your technology guide you - we know you all like a gadget...

Here is your step-by-step guide.

Step One: Downloading the latest version of Training Center onto your computer

If you have a Forerunner 305, visit the following link:

For PC :
For Mac:

If you have a Forerunner 405 or Forerunner 310XT, visit the following link:

For PC:
For Mac:

Step Two: Save the file / upload to Training Centre

  1. Save the file to your desktop Training Plan (.tcx file).
  2. Open Garmin Training Center on your computer
  3. Click file > import > workouts, and select the saved file
  4. Training Center will ask you if you want to schedule the workouts. Click Yes
  5. Your Training Center calendar will then show the workouts populated on the relevant days

Step Three: Sending the plan to your Forerunner

Forerunner 305:

  • Connect your Forerunner 305 to your computer using the cradle and USB.
  • Once connected, click the send to device icon in the tool bar.

Forerunner 405 / 310XT

  • You will need to have paired your Forerunner 405 or 310XT with your computer
  • If you have not already done this, visit and follow the relevant instructions
  • Then, within Training Center, select "File > send to device", ensuring that your 405 is within range. The training schedule should then start to transfer. To view status, right click on the ANT icon and click Open Garmin ANT Agent

Step Four: Following your workout

  • Your workouts will then be stored on your Forerunner
  • To view, follow the menu options to Training > Workouts and select the relevant workout.
  • Train!
Garmin Forerunner devices

The Plan

This 10-week duathlon training programme is only a guide. Heart rates are not included as this is pitched at an active person who is a relative beginner to the sport and most people will not have a monitor. Should you wish to incorporate heart rate into the programme then it is advised that you work at 60%-75% of your maximum heart rate (220 minus your age for an approximate maximum).

On the days where the programme shows a bike and a run on the same day the run should be done immediately after the bike so as to make it a brick. Should you have a cycle computer that displays cadence aim for between 80-95 rpm. Static stretching where the stretch is held for 20-30 seconds should be incorporated at the end of every activity. Any Health and Fitness professional at your local gym should be able to give you five minutes of their time to show you a few basic core and flexibility exercises specific to running and cycling.

Week Monday Tuesday Wednesday Thursday Friday Saturday Sunday
1 Core/Flexibility Bike 30 mins Run 15 mins

Bike 30 mins

Run 10 mins

Rest day Run 25 mins Bike 30 mins
2 Run 30 mins Core/Flexibility

Bike 30 mins

Run 15 mins

Bike 60 mins Rest day Run 30 mins Bike 40 mins
3 Core/Flexibility Bike 40 mins Run 20 mins

Bike 35mins

Run 15mins

Rest Day Run 35mins Bike 50mins
4 Run 30 mins

Run 35 mins


Bike 35mins

Run 20mins

Bike 60mins Rest Day Run 40mins Bike 60mins

Run 30 mins


Bike 50mins Run 25mins

Bike 40mins

Run 20mins

Rest Day Run 45mins Bike 50min
6 Run 30 mins

Run 40mins


Bike 40mins

Run 25mins

Bike 60mins Rest Day Run 50mins Bike 60mins
7 Core/Flexibility Bike 60mins Run 30mins

Bike 45mins

Run 25mins

Rest Day Run 55mins Bike 70mins
8 Run 30mins

Run 45mins


Bike 45mins

Run 25mins

Bike 60mins Rest Day Run 60mins Bike 80mins

Run 40mins


Bike 60mins Run 35mins

Bike 50mins

Run 30mins

Rest Day Run 65mins Bike 70mins
10 Run 30 mins

Run 50 mins


Bike 45 mins

Run 15 mins easy

Bike 45 mins Rest day

Run 15 mins

or Bike 30 mins


This programme was written by Tom Lowe an accomplished runner and one of Britain’s leading duathletes. In 2007 Tom won a bronze medal at the European Duathlon Championships held in Edinburgh.

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Re: London Duathlon (Garmin) Training Plan
Posted by Johnny000
Posted at 00:51:06 20th Nov 2011
Reply to this

I have extensively tried to download the tcx file with no results. It downloads as an xml file so Garmin training center will not recognize it. I am wondering if any body has any solutions.

Re: London Duathlon (Garmin) Training Plan
Posted by YourAnswer
Posted at 16:22:44 17th Jan 2013
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I have just created this account to help with the Garmin file

Click on the blue link to open the webpage ending with the xml extension.

2. from the file menu choose save as all file types and not the default webpage.

3. save it some where you can remember and before you open it deleted/remove the .xml off the end of the file to leave just the .tcx.

3.from Garmin training centre import the file from the workout page.

This should do it hopefully, if you still have problems just reply back.

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