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Sun 25th Jun 2017
Race report: Peaky Freaky Challenge Multi Stage Duathlon – Sunday 20th March 2011
Posted by: Editor
Posted on: Tuesday 22nd March 2011

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By John Milkins (BTF Race Official)

This was an event with a difference, new organisers, a new concept, and the forecast of miserable weather so it was with some apprehension that I travelled to the start at the Webbington Hotel just outside Weston to “Officiate” at the event. (We’re not called Referees any more)

The arrival was a real surprise as was the weather. There was a smallish entry field due to the organiser not getting his website up and running and not really promoting the event but there was a really nice atmosphere at registration, coffee, tea and bacon sandwiches in abundance.

The bike leg was run first unlike the usual run, bike, run concept. This was a mass start, just like a Sportive and I was a bit worried about it but there was a hill outside the Webbington which spaced the field out and the rest was a flattish cycle out to the foot of Cheddar and then back through Wedmoor to Brent Knowle for the first run which was two and a half miles, For those who don’t know Brent Knowle is the big hill after Weston Super Mare on the right hand side of the M5 motorway. This was completed fairly quickly by the front runners then it was off to Brean along part of the Burnham sprint tri route to run out along Brean Down to the Fort at the end and then back. Approximately three and a half miles.

Unfortunately the fine weather bought out the day-trippers so it was a bit busy in Brean but every body coped fairly well with the traffic and we had no problems. The bike route then went back through quiet lanes to the Webbington and the final run up Crooks Peak which is the big hill on the left hand side of the motorway after Weston as you travel down the M5, two miles straight up and then back to the finish for a really nice spread of soup, sandwiches and tea and coffee.

Peaky Freaky Challenge Multi Stage Duathlon

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Andrew Kelly of Somerset RC Tri won the race in 2hrs 47 mins followed by Huw Jones of Plymouth Tri club in 2hrs 57 mins. Interestingly the winner was using Pyro Platforms which allows you to cycle in your running shoes, Joe Beer used to use these at Castle Coombe and these really made the difference in transition for Andrew as he was easily a lot quicker than the others who had to carry their trainers in a rucksack or as one competitor did have them stuffed up his cycling vest, Last finisher completed in 4hrs 31 secs.

Taking everything into consideration this was a really good event and one that will soon be one of those “must do” races. Feedback from the competitors was excellent most of them committing for next year, well done to FreakEvents for putting on an excellent event.

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Official Results Service - British Triathlon